This API Service allows Customers utilizing the Comergence third party origination platform, to retrieve required data related to questionnaires for accounts they have an active relationship with. 

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Data TypeDescription
StringA sequence of characters. See API Documentation for more details, such as, maximum length of specific fields
IntegerMathematical values (Numbers). See API Documentation for more details
BooleanHas one or two possible values (Example, True or False)




Application Type (string, optional) Application State
Channel (string, optional) Customer Business Channel (Wholesale, Correspondent, etc.)
ID (integer, optional) Unique Questionnaire ID
Name (string, optional) Name of Questionnaire
Status (string, optional) Questionnaire current Status
Status Date (integer, optional) Effective Date of Status Change
Status ID (string, optional) Status Description ID

Questions (optional) Customer Question(s) included in Questionnaire
Answer (string, optional) Counterpart Answer to Question(s)
Explanation (string, optional) Explanation (Dependent on Question Settings and Answer Provided)
Next Question ID (integer, optional)Unique identifier of the Next Question based on current response
Question (string, optional) Question text
Question ID (integer, optional) Unique Question ID

Related Account (optional) Headquarter Account Details
Name (string, optional) Legal Name of Company
NMLS ID (integer, optional) Headquarters NMLS ID of the Company