Each of the following instructions listed is for clearing both the cookies and cache for each browser. Please be sure to close the browser out completely after, before returning back to Comergence.com to proceed. 

Google Chrome

NOTE: You can also hold Ctrl + Shift + Delete and skip to step 3.

  1. Click on the settings icon that appears to the right of the address bar. In the newest versions of Chrome, this appears as three vertical dots settings_55 and in older versions will be three horizontal lines settings_new or a wrench icon settings_old.

  2. From the menu, select More tools > Clear browsing data....

    Go to Chrome menu, select

  3. Check the following:

    • Cookies and other site data
    • Cached images and files
  4. Select All time in the Time range drop down box and click on the CLEAR DATA button.

    Select boxes and clear data [Chrome 59]

Internet Explorer: 

  1. Select Tools (via the Gear Icon) > Safety > Delete browsing history....

    NOTE: You can also access this menu by holding Ctrl + Shift + Delete.

    Tools, Safety, Delete browsing history...

  2. Make sure to uncheck Preserve Favorites website data and check both Temporary Internet Files and Cookies then click Delete.

    Uncheck Preserve Favorites website data; Check both Temporary Internet Files and Cookies; > Delete

  3. You will get a confirmation at the bottom of the window once it has successfully cleared your cache and cookies.


Once the above yellow and white banner shows, then please restart the browser by closing it out completely and then open again. Proceed back to www.comergence.com to login. If not successful, please contact Comergence Support.

Clearing Cache in Safari:

As implied, this removes all web caches from Safari, and it can not be undone.

Open Safari on the Mac

If you haven’t done so already, choose to show the optional Develop menu by going to Safari menu in the upper left corner, choose Preferences > Advanced > “Show Develop menu in menu bar”, then close out of Preferences

Enabling the Develop menu in Safari allows users to clear and empty caches manually in OS X

Back at any Safari browser window, pull down the “Develop” menu and choose “Empty Caches”

Wait a few seconds and the Safari web caches will be cleared completely, allowing fresh web content to be pulled from the remote web servers without having any local cache serving for that session.

How to clear the Firefox cache

Clear the cache

  1. Click the menu button Fx57Menu and choose Options.
  2. Select the Privacy & Security panel.
  3. In the Cookies and Site Data section, click Clear Data….
  4. Remove the check mark in front of Cookies and Site Data.
  5. With Cached Web Content check marked, click the Clear button.
  6. Close the about:preferences page. Any changes you've made will automatically be saved.